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Barcelona – The City That Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

When you come to most cities in the world, usually you have to go to a museum to see some art and appreciate the culture of the country you’re visiting. In Barcelona, ​Spain, it’s absolutely different – you just need to take a walk to immerse yourself in the amazing, phantasmagoric world of Catalan art. In this city, even daily routines and rituals have a particularly unique and artistic flavor that makes your travel experience exceptional, and almost magical in some respects.

What is so special about the city that it inspired Cervantes, the author of the immortal Don Quixote, to write the following lines: “Barcelona, archives of courtesy, shelter of the foreigners, hospital of the poor, fatherland of the brave, vengeance of the offended and pleasant correspondence of firm friendship, and in sight, and in beauty, unique”?

First of all, Barcelona is a unique city in the world, having 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (just to compare: Paris has one such site and the London area just four). It is worth noting that 7 of the 9 sites were designed by Antoni Gaudi – Barcelona's most famous architect, whose free-flowing works were greatly influenced by nature. The city's architecture has had a huge influence on many contemporary architects around the world. That’s why Barcelona was the first and only city to receive a Royal Gold Medal for architecture in 1999. It’s the beauty of its architecture, along with the city’s many museums, galleries, and photogenic historic areas, that make Barcelona a dynamic, creative ecosystem that always moves and surprises you every second of your stay. Just think: according to Design Centre survey, Barcelona is the fourth most creative city in the world, coming after ​San Francisco​London, and ​New York!

Secondly, Barcelona has seven beaches with a 4.5 km coastline, which means you can make “la fiesta,” relax, and sunbathe almost in the center of the city! If you have any doubts about the cleanliness of this area – don’t worry. According to National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, Barcelona was listed as number one among the top ten beach cities in the world.

Of course, to soak up the spirit of the city and penetrate its secrets, you definitely have to try its food. As much as Barcelona is a city of great art and architecture, it’s also a city with great restaurants and comfortable outdoor cafes where you can enjoy Catalan cuisine based on the Mediterranean diet, with a lot of vegetables, bread, grains, and olive oil. You will find everything here, from seafood to fresh fruit. One of the most famous dishes is called “tapas,” small portions of different type of food, which you should not miss! 

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