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Best Things to Do & See in Medellin

Home to approximately 3 million people, Medellin is a beautiful city located in a valley from where you can enjoy great mountain views from all corners. Renowned as the second largest city in Colombia, the city offers a mild and comfortable climate all year round. Medellin was once listed as the most dangerous city in the world by Time Magazine because it was the former home and stomping grounds of the infamous Pablo Escobar. Over the past few years, Medellin has undergone a transformation and now considered one of the safest places to visit for your vacation. There has been an increase in urban development project such as the first metro system in the country, cable cars, parks and libraries. Medellin is fast becoming one of the world’s loveliest cities that attracts a lot of tourists and a peaceful place for foreigners to live and retire, search for ​​cheap airline tickets to Medellin, Columbia​ with ​Mobissimo Search Engine in order to plan the program of your journey beforehand. The city has more than enough things to do and places to see to keep any visitor busy. 

Here are some of the top things to do in Medellin:


Soaring through the air and catching a panoramic view of Medellin is indescribable and quite impressive. The best time to paraglide in Medellin is in the early hours of the day when the weather is pleasantest and friendly. Due to the fact that the city is high in the mountains, the weather can change when you least expected it.

Botanical Gardens

Covering a massive area of about 40 acres, the botanical Gardens in Medellin is home to a wide variety of orchids and plants. Located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city where many of its residents come together to go canoeing, ride bikes and even rowing, Botanical Gardens is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. In August, guests have the opportunity of seeing the annual Orchid Show at Jardim Botanico. If you are a lover of nature, this is definitely a must visit for you.

Exploring the History of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar was renowned for controlling over 70% of the world cocaine market. If you want to go back history lane and learn more about the history of drug trade in Colombia, you should consider visiting his grave, the place where he was captured and also a place graveyard where some of his places were decommissioned.

Enjoy blissful ride on the Metro cable

The cable car was introduced to serve as a complimentary service to the metro system in the city, but it has recently turned into an exclusive tourist attraction. The construction of the new line has promoted tourism at Arvi Park. Riding on line L will take you on a roller coaster ride over part of the slums of the city to Biblioteca Espana, a library where guests can get wealth of resources that offers more information about the city and the country at large. The cable car offers amazing views of the cosmopolitan city in Colombia

One of the best way of experiencing amazing moments in Medellin is getting to know the people. Since the government has taken over the city, Medellin has become a haven for tourists. The streets are safe and the best time to visit is during the summer months. Are you ready to visit this beautiful city? Book ​​cheap flights to Colombia​, find ​Discount Hotels with ​Mobissimo Search Engine. Your trip to Medellin will be the best ever and you are certainly going to return back for more of such experiences.