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Best Value Destinations 2015

There are places in the world filled with natural wonders and loads of fun filled packages for adventurous tourists. Of course, you would like to find the best islands, museums, cities, beaches, lovely attractions and some of the most amazing places to visit when planning your vacation. Below is a list of places you can visit whilst experiencing moments that will be forever cherished (Inspired by ​LonelyPlanet). 


Take a trip to South Africa and be revitalized, excited, enlightened, entertained and spoilt with choices of things to do. South Africa is a beautiful country that offers tourists exceptional services, great attractions and amazing products. It’s such a special and inviting place with a booming economy, sophisticated infrastructure, and skyscrapers in the city centres. South Africa is renowned for its impeccable beaches, great hotels, splendid wines, world class restaurants, beautiful scenery, and incredible landmarks. Visit South Africa and experience fun at its best. Cheap flights to South Africa


Tunisia is one of the friendliest countries on the African continent with a sunny temperate climate, astounding choice of hotels and water sports, and fascinating sandy beaches. Located on the northern region in Africa, Tunisia has close proximity to the UK which will take not more than a 3 hour flight. It is a perfect place for a beach holiday in the sun. All of the beach resorts offer tourists an incredible choice of water sports such as windsurfing, diving, water-skiing and snorkeling. The country is a mix of ancient and modern cultures. Some of the popular resorts include Port El Kantaoui, Hammamet, Sousse, Skanes and lots more. The temperature along the coastal region of the country reaches 30-35C during the summer. Cheap flights to Tunisia


Shanghai has a unique blend of traditional and modern culture. It is known as the financial hub of China with lovely sky scrapers, great museums, wonderful restaurants and bars, beautiful temples, and amazing gardens etc. The city of Shanghai is filled with loads of wonderful places to visit, each having its own distinctive characters. Some of the lovely places to visit include the Oriental Pearl Tower where you’ll be thrilled with an amazing view of the city, Nanjing Road which is famous for various shopping activities, the Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden, and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. There is also a wide range of astounding and affordable hotels that can accommodate the vast number of tourists visiting annually. ​Find cheap flights to Shanghai


Regarded as one of the finest islands of the world, Samoa is famous for its rich cultural and natural heritage. Visited by millions of tourists yearly, Samoa boasts of impeccable beaches, wonderful mountains and tropical rainforests. This beautiful island has something for both the young and old. It has a beautiful landscape and offers various water sports activities including water scooter, snorkeling, scuba diving and lots more. The amazing cuisine in Samoa offers fresh and delectable sea food. There are also loads of festivals and rituals that take place yearly. A visit to this wonderful island will definitely be a memorable one. Cheap flights ​to Samoa


Located in the center of Indonesia, Bali is a small and beautiful island with exquisite Bali villas that offer comfortable accommodation to visitors. It is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. You can visit the beautiful beaches that are ideal for swimmers and surfers alike. The amazing cuisines offer you the chance to taste delectable foods prepared with a mixture of Malaysian, South Indian and Chinese flavors. Bali also exhibits a unique culture where you’ll see a blend of culture between the Hinduism and Buddhism. ​Find cheap flights to Denpasar/Bali


Uruguay, a travel paradise, is the smallest Spanish speaking country in South America. There are loads of amazing things the country has to offer visiting tourists. Uruguay is one of the countries of the world which is particularly nice to discover and definitely worth exploring. Some places worth visiting include the Punta del Este which is a trendy beach resort in Montevideo, the famous sand dunes and lagoons offers mesmerizing views and the Gaucho country where you can party all night long. Cheap flights to Uruguay


Located between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of the most exciting destinations in the world with a wonderful climate. One of the most popular places in Portugal is Lisbon, the capital city. Lisbon serves as the country’s transportation hub with a vast amount of public transportation including trams, buses and even elevadors, known to be trams that operate on a cable. During the warmer temperature, you can visit the picturesque beach front. There are also exquisite restaurants that offer delectable foods and exotic hotels that offer great accommodation. There, you’ll be able to experience the friendly nature of its people, enjoy the temperature and experience their unique culture and lifestyle. Cheap flights to Portugal


Taiwan is an independent province in China that is famous for its beautiful infrastructure and industrialization. It is a unique vacation spot that boasts of wonderful vegetation, exotic beaches and lovely mountains. Places worth visiting in Taiwan include Tapei where you’ll find some of the ancient temples, museums, monuments, beautiful sky scrapers and markets. Other amazing attractions in Taiwan is Sun Moon Lake which happens to be the biggest lake in Taiwan covering about 8km2 , Taroko Gorge and the Kenting National Park where you can enjoy lovely watersports during the day. ​Cheap flights to Taiwan


Romania has turned out to be a welcoming tourist destination ever since its recovery from series of economic recession. Among the best places to visit in Romania is the city of Bucharest where you’ll see so many historic buildings and lovely sights. Take a trip to the charming Brasov and enjoy such relaxing and fun filled moments while rock climbing, skiing, hiking or parachuting from the hills. A visit to Romania is worth your precious vacation time. ​Cheap flights to Romania


There are four regions of interest in Burkina Faso where tourist can explore. They include Northern, Central, Eastern and Western region of the country. There are about 66 ethnic groups in Burkina Faso with unique cultures and traditions. The locals are friendly and sociable people. Some of the lovely attractions sites include the National Museum of Ouagadougou, the Natural Waterfall of Banfora and the wildlife park of Zinjare. Take a trip to Burkina Faso and experience African culture at its finest. ​Cheap flights to Burkina Faso

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