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Discover Luxembourg - Europe’s best kept secret

Luxembourg is one of the tiniest european countries with the capital called Luxembourg City. Lucky are those who have got a chance to discover this precious european gem, this wonderful country, its heritage and culture which remained a secret garden full of mysteries and surprises.

The country attracts tourists from all over the world with its gorgeous river valleys, impressive medieval towns, pristine farmland, exquisite cuisine, sparkling wines, strong national identity and cultural traditions.

How did it come that such a small city (only 51.46 km2) became the backbone of Luxembourg national character and individuality?

The history of the city dates back to Roman times, more precisely to year 963 when the city officially appeared. During the next five centuries the House of Luxembourg became very powerful. But the times of independence and power came to an end when Luxembourg fell into the hands of the Habsburgs in 1477. During the next centuries Luxembourg became part of the Southern Netherlands; after some time it fell into Germany's sphere of influence being occupied by Germany from 1914 until 1918 and again from 1940 until 1944. Since the Second World War, Luxembourg forged its way to the national identity becoming one of the world's richest countries, buoyed by a booming financial services sector, famous by its political stability and European integration values.

Today Luxembourg is not only the business card of Europe and symbol of wealth and prosperity but it’s also the centre of cultural life with its numerous museums, fabulous architecture, its castles and fortifications. Because of its strategic position, Luxembourg remains one of Europe's greatest fortified sites. It was repeatedly reinforced as it passed from one great European power to another: the Holy Roman Emperors, House of Burgundy, Habsburgs, French and Spanish kings, and finally the Prussians. The city keeps the tracks of all those great cultures, so for history amateurs it’s a real Ali Baba’s cave, full of historical and architectural treasures.

The culture of Luxembourg is a true reflection of its population, diverse and multicultural. If the city of Luxembourg could be described in 4 words, they would be: multilingual, multicultural, creative and eclectic.

Luxembourg: the city of contrasts

Nowhere else in Europe will you find such dynamic mixture of ancient fortresses and contemporary architecture; a high-tech centre amid centuries-old history. The vestiges of its ancient fortress still remain and are now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The green heart of Europe

One third of the surface of the city of Luxembourg is covered with beautifully landscaped green spaces. So a stay in the green heart of Europewill definitely charm all nature enthusiasts; for hiking and cycling fans green fields that stretch as far as the eye can see and the parks will be a real heaven.

So, if you want to discover Europe’s best kept secret - just catch your ​flight to Luxembourg and enjoy your stay in a beautiful and historically rich country in the world.

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