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Rishikesh - the best destination for spiritual enlightenment

A wise man said: the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. If you want to read the most interesting, adventurous and at the same time enriching chapter of the book of your life - you definitely have to visit Rishikesh.

It is the most ancient pilgrimage location in India also known as Tapo Bhumi which means the place for yoga meditation of the Gods. The city is situated on the banks of Ganges River which is considered from time immemorial as the holy river of Hinduism. Rishikesh is a peaceful, temple town that is an entry point leading to the sacred places deep in the Himalayas.

According to legend, a sage Hindu Rishi did penance at the site on the banks of the river and God in the form of Hrishikesh or Lord Krishna appeared as he was very pleased with the penance. A little bit later a city called Rishikesh (which means "the city of saints") appeared on this site. Over the ages, saints have meditated at this peaceful spot with the soaring mountains looking down and the sacred Ganga flowing beside. Today Rishikesh is the perfect dwelling for people who have a spiritual inclination and are looking for interior peace and enlightenment. If that is you are anticipating - here you will find total peace and will feel at home.

There is a big number of Yoga Centers in Rishikesh, that’s why the city is also known as “The World Capital of Yoga." An annual International Yoga Festival is held between March 1st to March 7th gaining immense popularity and patronage over the years. During this week-long International Yoga Festival, yoga followers revel in comprehensive lectures and demonstrations of a wide range of yoga styles and asanas. Practitioners, meditation enthusiasts and seekers from over 40 different countries converge to celebrate the universal spirit of Yoga in Rishikesh. In the 1960s, the city became popular as the world-famous pop group Beatles came here to meet their guru and find the interior peace. You may visit the temple in the Himalayas, situated a couple of kilometers away from Rishikesh where the famous members of Beatles stayed to get inspiration and peace.

Today the city attracts millions of tourists, coming here to practice YOGA, meditate, rejuvenate and gain peace of mind. Whether you come to wash away your karma in the Ganga, participate in spiritual ceremonies or admire sunset in the majestic Himalayas - Rishikesh will definitely touch your heart and change your soul for the better.

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