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Top 5 Secret Beach Destinations

Nowadays, tourists are looking for the most serene places where they can enjoy the beauty of the blue skies and white crested waves. Everyone wants to have the most remarkable vacation experience ever and for this reason, they have been surfing the internet for the best places that can take them far away from the hustles and bustles of life. There are so many hidden beach destinations in the world today, but discovering these places before others do can sometimes be difficult. There are places where you’ll have these beaches to yourself alone and experience the relaxation you’ve been craving for. Search for the cheapest international flights with ​Mobissi​mo Travel Search Engine in order to visit the top 5 secret beach destinations where tourism is yet to eclipse the rich history and local culture.


Nestled between Santa Barbara and Malibu, the beach towns of Ventura County are affordable, economical and attracts less crowd as compared to their pricey neighbors. The beaches found here are so magnificent, offering every visitor the relaxation they seek. On the northern part of Oxnard, lies the historic and laid-back town of Ventura. This beautiful place is full of great restaurants and bars where you can sample some of the best dishes and wine. At the hub of beach-side entertainment is Ventura Harbor Village’s restaurants, paddle boats, restaurants and a carousel. Here you will find the Harbor Cove Beach, where visitors can enjoy some water sports activities such as swimming, surfing, sunbathing and watch boat sails. The Harbor Cove Beach is one of the most scenic spots in town with white crested waves and windblown sand dunes. Taking a walk along the coastal boardwalk is so amazing. After the day’s fun and excitement, climb the Ventura Pier, standing at about 1,600 feet to catch spectacular views of sunset in California. Search for ​cheap flights to Los Angeles.


Nestled between Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Luis Obispo County is a lovely place worth visiting, especially for those looking for a serene environment. Here you will find the Avila beach with a jetty, which helps in reducing the pressures of the massive waves and winds. Considered San Luis Obispo most kid friendly beach, Avila beach also houses a pirate-themed park, where kids can play and have fun for long hours. There is also a magnificent promenade lined with shops where kids can get some ice cream cone and restaurants where visitors can relax to enjoy some cool ocean breezes. Check out the 14 tanks of the Central Coast Aquarium consists of urchins, jellyfish, sea slugs, seas stars, rock fish and a kelp forest. Search for ​Cheap flights to San Luis O​bispo.


Nestled on the southern part of the Mexican Caribbean coast, Costa Maya is fast becoming an ecological tourist area. There are lots of affordable hotel accommodation, rental houses and cabanas available here. Xcala is a village located about 37 miles south of Majahual. Nestled between the Great Maya Reef and the Xcalak National Reef Park, the village is a place to find amazing recreational diving, swimming, snorkeling, and deep sea fish. The pristine beach is one of the places that few tourists visit. Search for ​Cheap flights to Corozal.


Located in a lush valley in Baja California Sur, Mulegé, is one of the top destinations for those looking for rest. Founded as far back as 1705 by Juan Maia de Salvatierra, Mulegé, has been attracting thousands of travelers including ecologists and history lovers to its fascinating Bay of Conception. The Bay features beautiful landscapes and loads of white sand beaches including El Burro, El Coyote, Los Cocos, Buenaventura, Santispac, Concepción and so much more. The beaches here are just perfect for kayaking, snorkeling and swimming. Mulegé offers a lot of great hotels, restaurants, a national airport and a wide range of adventure tours. Search for ​Cheap flights to Loreto.


Apo Reef Island offers every visitor the best of fun with great attractions and lovely things to do. Imaging spending a few days on a remote island, surrounded by a spectacular lighthouse, lush mangrove forests, pristine beach, amazing rock formations, and swimming with sharks and several marine life? A trip to Apo Reef Island, a place where serenity is reality, is a recipe for a perfect getaway. If you are looking for a wonderful beach retreat, then this is the best place for you. Search for ​Cheap flights to Philippines with ​Mobissimo Travel Search Engine.