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Visit the Biggest Holiday Celebration in Brazil - Rio Carnival 2015

Rio Carnival 2015

Rio Carnival is considered the biggest and the favorite holiday celebration in Brazil. The Rio Carnival 2015, which is set to take place from February 13th through to the 17th, is celebrated by millions of visitors from all over the world as well as local residents. Of all the carnival celebrations all over the globe, the Rio Carnival 2015 is, unquestionably, the best. You are definitely going to have unforgettable fun on visiting Rio de Janeiro, otherwise known as the “Carnival Capital of the World”. Some people consider the carnival as the world’s greatest show because there has never been any festival like this before. 

The festival is usually celebrated in the week leading up to Lent, the 40-Day period before Easter. If you will like to fully explore the Carioca Carnival Culture, then the right time to find cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro​ and visit this beautiful city is during the Rio Carnival. There is much excitement in the air as the time for the festival gets closer. One can hear sound of samba music coming from all street corners and favelas all over the city, and thousands of people gather to dance all day long. What makes Rio Carnival such a glamorous event yearly is the vibrancy and frenetic energy of the locals. Experience unique and exciting moments when you parade down the samba runway in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators. 
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From the amazing Samba Parades to the glorious Rio Carnival Balls, there can never be a dull moment if you have the opportunity of visiting this great city during the Rio Carnival 2015. Some of the highlights of this amazing festival include:

Parade competition

When it comes to real fun and excitement, there’s no other place on earth than Rio de Janeiro. Since 1984, all the fun filled activities of this festival has taken place at the Sambadrome, which is a beautiful venue built specifically for a remarkable and unique event as this. The Sambadrome is the place where the colorful parade competition are held. Prior to its construction, the parades take place on Presidente Vargas Avenue, one of the city’s most important streets. While the parade is going on, you will see beautiful ladies on their bikinis dancing merrily, samba drums, loads of participants in beautiful costumes and Samba schools competing and putting up amazing shows for thousands of spectators. Visitors are also allowed to parade alongside any of the samba schools.

The Rio Carnival Balls

If you can’t make your way down to the unbeatable Sambadrom Parade, you can dance and merry all night long at one of the Rio Carnival Ballstaking venues scatterd all over the city. Some of the places worth visiting include the Copacabana Palace Hotel, the Magic Ball and the Rio Scala Nightclub. Enjoy the Rio Carnival Balls as you dance along the streets celebrating the arrival of the Rio Carnival. The ball is open for all ages regardless of sexual orientation.

Street party

Some of the best and wildest parties during the Rio Carnival are mostly organized by the Blocos. The Blocos are people who come together to organize street parties as the carnival is going on. These street parties are usually filled with a lot of locals and tourists alike.

Rio Carnival is one of the world’s most popular celebrations attracting thousands of visitors annually. Experience magic and wonder of Rio de Janeiro when you visit during the Carnival celebration. If you are going to attend the Rio Carnival 2015, so plan your journey ahead and book ​cheap airline tickets with ​Travel Search Engine.