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Where to Go in Autumn?

Are you thinking of the best destination to visit on your next vacation? There are so many touristy destinations across the world worth visiting. Don’t just go anywhere during this autumn. Before you go, it is highly recommended to know which country is best to visit and the fun things to do there, plan your trip with Mobissimo Travel Search Engine. Here is a list of amazing world destinations to visit especially during autumn.


One of the best times to visit Europe is during autumn when most Europeans return to work after their summer holidays. During this time of the year, flight prices to most European countries are usually low and the weather is still pleasant enough to enjoy lots of exhilarating outdoor activities. It is also the best time of the year to see lots of festivals and events in some of the favorite destinations in Europe. Top places to visit in Europe during autumn include Italy, France, Spain, and Turkey. With its temperate climate, amazing cuisine, colorful festivals and Mediterranean beaches, Spain is considered best place in Europe to travel in autumn. Search for ​cheap flights to London.


Asia is a beautiful place worth visiting all year round and this can be seen in the beauty of its autumn foliage. Autumn is a perfect time to travel in many parts of Asia as temperatures in hot and humid climates become more bearable. During this time of the year, a large variety of plants change color making it a perfect time for colorful leaves viewing. Popular destinations to visit in autumn include Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan. For a chance to catch amazing views of koyo (colorful leaves) and experience a totally different culture altogether, then the best place to visit is none but tradition-rich Japan. Search for ​cheap flights to Tokyo.


With it massive landscapes, lovely attractions and formidable wildlife, Africa is undoubtedly an amazing place to travel this autumn. Considered the second biggest continent in the world, Africa is one of the best places to experience new things. Spectacular places to visit include South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia and Morocco. Namibia is considered the best destination in Africa to travel in autumn especially for nature lovers and animal lovers. Search for ​cheap flights to Cairo.

United States

There is no better time of the year for road tripping in the United States than autumn. Cheap flights, low rates for hotel accommodation, amazing driving tours and colorful festivals find the best deals with ​Mobissimo Travel Search Engine and make autumn an amazing time to travel to top destinations in the United States. Places not to miss out on visiting include New York, Missouri, and Chicago. Amazing weather, colorful leaves, harvest-season goodies and lower prices make Chicago a must visit this autumn. Search for ​cheap flights to New York.